Sunday, February 8

tonight i needed some outside time. so i strapped on my big rubber playing-outside boots and headed out into the front yard. i played drums on the big green electric box. it hummed nicely along with my banging, and i could push on the streetlight to make it click against a tree. it was choice. i also stomped around in the street in front of my house. big rubber boots are really good to stomp around in.

winter is strange. it has a smell, but it's hard to put a finger on specifically what it is. i sat in some pine needles for a while as i drummed. it's a sticky sweet smell, but you have to get right up close to smell it. the wind blowing through empty branches is the only sound, and that's almost the sound of nothing.

the outside alone time at night is one of my favorite things. sitting on the log next to my house watching the moon or hiding in the shaddows behind a tree while it's raining. i'm excited about spring when everything is noisy and pungent, but all this emptiness is nice. sort of like being in outer space. only with gravity, and air, and the ability to go back into my nice warm house and build giant paper mache replicas of myself.

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