Saturday, February 14

I have things to look forward to growing old. Like sitting on the proch with my other geriatric buddies complaining about how you can't tell a human from a robot anymore. Used to be so easy, our robots were plugged into the wall. But not anymore. And in the future all or our neccessary hygenitary habits will be integrated with our DNA. like our teeth will be self-cleaning, our fecal and urinary matter will turn itself into scientific knowledge (which we need), and our skin will sprout water like a sprinkler from our pours to clean ourselves. The future is a brilliant place, yes. What with the lazer guns and robots, and all the sex i'll have to look back on.

Yes kids, by the time all of you are old, hopefully you will have had a lot of good "happy naked times" to look back on. Don't give up an opportunity to do gross-looking things with others. You'll always regret it if you don't, and only rarely regret it when you do.

So I'll be wrinkled, bald, fat, and have health problems, but at least i'll have a sandwich-making robot that looks just like a real boy. and maybe some network telivision i don't hate.

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