Monday, September 8

The three are standing by the side of the Highway. It is cold and the sun is going down.

Chicken is hanging from Portus's neck, dangling down the other's back like a cape made of brick. Chicken had long ago given up walking in hopes he would finally get around to learning how to float. Portus is a patient and giving friend.

Dante doesn't leave home much. He is amazed and confused by his surroundings. He points at the tall buildings and says, "Wow! That's amazing. Just look at that."

Chicken, Portus, and Dante are standing by the side of the highway. It is cold and the sun is going down, it will be nightime in just a few hours and the three friends have no sleeping arangments anywhere nearby.

Chicken says the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it and not give yourself a chance to use your own. Portus will often complain that his neck and lower back hurt. Dante will ask if anyone wants some Asprin, as he himself is getting some and can retrieve some if anyone wishes.

Cars whoosh past and blow an icy chill through the soft downy fur of three friends, three Bunny Rabbits who aren't familiar with this sort of coldness, the one that seeeps into your bones and takes a little of your breath for itself. There is nowhere nearby to dig a hole--everything is asphalt and concrete. Everything is hard or pointy or driving really fast, whooshing the air into icy chill blasts. Morning is too far away.

Once he learns to Float, Chicken tells his best friends that he will then learn about Jokes. If you can Float, that's great, but how are you going to make any money with that? Chicken explains that if you can tell jokes while floating, people will pay you good money.

"I wish I had some good money," says Dante. Dante has enough money to buy three airplanes (in coins), but he pretends he doesn't have any. A magazine once interviewed him about a company he owns, and a radio show did, too. Sometimes he teaches a Business Class at a private University nearby. Dante says, "I wish it weren't so cold."

A car pulls up and the window rolls down with a mechanical whirr. "Do you Regular Bunnies need a ride?" The woman inside is short and round and old. Her skin hangs in fleshy gobs from her face, her large rose-tinted glasses obscuring her eyes. "Get in," she shouts.

Portus eases Chicken into the back seat and climbs in after. Dante wiggles his nose at the woman behind the wheel. She points her glasses at him, the left side of her lip pulled savagely close to her eye. "I said get in," her voice like a chainsaw.

Dante nods his head and hops into the back with his friends. Chicken, Portus, and Dante drive off into the twilight in the back of a large American car. Three Bunnies who are called Regular Bunnies by old women, old women who aren't scared to pick up hitchiking wildlife. Three who are hungry, and ready for a nap.

Sunday, September 7

Sometimes there are Floating Bunnies in the backyard. Somtimes there's nothing you can do about it, and you don't mind anyways.

Sometimes there's a sunny day with the light hitting things just right and it feels nice. Sometimes you don't ever want those days to end. Ask the Floating Bunnies, maybe they have some advice.

"Is there any way to stop my life from progressing any further than this perfect moment in time?" you could ask the F.B.s. "I just want to live in this moment forever and ever, and I'm thinking maybe you can help. You are floating."

"If we were you, we would buy some Name Brand Products. And watch Television." They might say.

Sometimes you might respond with, "Okay, sounds good."

Somtimes the day will pass slowly, but too fast all the same, and the sunlight will drift into night, and it's just fine, even if you do have to go to work the next day.