Sunday, September 7

Sometimes there are Floating Bunnies in the backyard. Somtimes there's nothing you can do about it, and you don't mind anyways.

Sometimes there's a sunny day with the light hitting things just right and it feels nice. Sometimes you don't ever want those days to end. Ask the Floating Bunnies, maybe they have some advice.

"Is there any way to stop my life from progressing any further than this perfect moment in time?" you could ask the F.B.s. "I just want to live in this moment forever and ever, and I'm thinking maybe you can help. You are floating."

"If we were you, we would buy some Name Brand Products. And watch Television." They might say.

Sometimes you might respond with, "Okay, sounds good."

Somtimes the day will pass slowly, but too fast all the same, and the sunlight will drift into night, and it's just fine, even if you do have to go to work the next day.


Fan-o-mail said...

If I sent you a question I needed advice on, do you think the F.B's could answer, even if they aren't in my backyard?

missing. said...

Man, why don't those guys ever appear in my backyard?