Thursday, August 24

Some Wonderful Things.

1) Page 13 of the Atlanta Creative Loafing has a big picture of Roboctopus on it promoting the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

2) I just recieved an e-mail from one of my all time favorite cartoonists, Matt Chapman from He saw Roboctopus and said "I really, really dig your style. It's super moody feeling and makes me uneasy in a really good way. Like I know something bad is gonna happen to the cute things. You make me really wanna learn After Effects. If you gimme an address I can send you some of our dvds. Definitely keep me in the loop on future stuff you do."

3)I'm on my way to finally finish recording the dialogue for the next Roboctopus episode. Then we can start animating.

A request.

1)Anyone willing to be my benefactor? I just need my rent and some credit card bills paid. I'm pretty affordable, as artists go.