Wednesday, December 29

This is a drawing of my cats-in-law, done as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, Twilla.

Saturday, December 18


I've been working really hard to storyboard this project out. Will Sanders and I have been writing this thing for months and months now, it's been difficult being on different sides of the world (he's in Indonesia teaching English), but it's also been a lot of fun. Both a good excuse to set aside blocks of time to talk on Skype with him, and for why it's taking so long. But between both of us working full time, we've almost got a nice short little script put together. This one is going to be titled, "Flying House."

Brief rough synopsis: While babysitting, The Big Scary Monster throws one child's 900-page manuscript onto the roof of their house. To retrieve it, he grows super giant and puts the kids onto the roof, then proceeds to fly it around like an airplane with them on top.

So here is a rough thumbnail of the part with the house flying around, and a more finished storyboard panel.

After getting a copy of the all-words rough script Will Sanders put together, I drew a whole lot of tiny very sketchy little drawings like that first one. I was able to see what worked and what didn't from the written words on the script, and came up with new ideas and jokes. A lot of the jokes that were mostly verbal I found could be done better with little to no dialogue, which is how I hoped it would be.

I put a rough boards script together, e-mailed it off to Indonesia where we talked some more about it. I then spent about two weeks drawing these bigger, more polished boards (in Photoshop w/ my wacom tablet, using only 3 shades of grey and yellow for the monster). I just talked to Will Sanders Thursday night and we came up with fun new ideas, ways to cut it shorter and make it better. So now I'm waiting for his revised draft of the script so I can re-work the boards.

Friday, December 17


I'm working on a Big Scary Monster Cartoon. This short deals with a job he takes babysitting some neighborhood children, Pickles and Bell.

Below is a rough sketch I did of the trio, and my first pass at a 3D rendering.

When I was in LA, the lead designer for Adventure Time, Phil Rynda, said he thought I did a good job with those 3D characters. So that's exciting and positive. His work is some of my favorite.

I have been working with my good friend Will Sanders, currently living in Indonesia, to write this thing. We are almost done with our second draft of the boards. Once we get those down we'll start working on the VO track, and figure out how to animate this thing.

I've never done a for real 3D character animation. Learning new things.

Also been working to revamp this site. New title banner at the top, not so sure about it, except I like that it's new. I plan on writing new stories and organizing them in a nice way. Like chapters somehow. Probably re-editing some of my old favorites and drawing new pictures.

Thursday, November 18

Here is a collection of movies I made.

Happy and Strickly in "Fuzzy Business" from bark-bark on Vimeo.

The above movie I co-directed with Layne Braunstein.

Everyone I Know is on an Airplane from Robert Paraguassu on Vimeo.

I'll be going to the CTN Animation eXpo this weekend. I'm posting this in lieu of any sort of actual demo reel, or something impressively slick.

Sunday, November 7


I made this for the "5 Second Project."  The theme is Nightmare.  I designed and animated it in Cinema 4D, did the post in After Effect, and Aaron Barnes did the sound design.

Monday, October 4

I'm hanging out with Mr. Happy Puppet Head, drinking my coffee, he's smoking a cigar.

"The cool thing about Batman," I say, "is you can leave him just about anywhere and you know he'll be okay."

"Yeah?" Mr. Happy Puppet Head puffs on his cigar, smoke clouding around his fuzzy floating head.

"Yeah. This one time me and Batman were fighting all these badguys when this girl calls me. So I was like, 'Hey Batman, I gotta go,' and he was fighting tons of these badguys guys. It was like, it's Batman, you know. He'll be fine. So I bailed to go hang out with this girl, and she never even showed up."

"You're hanging out with Batman now?"

"Yeah, like twice. He's cool."

"I want to meet Batman."

"Aw, sorry, man. You had class or something that night. It was a while ago. Anyways another cool thing about Batman is he always pays the tab. He's like rich. He's always got tons of hundreds on him. I bet he's actually Bruce Wayne or something. That'd be hilarious."

"Yeah, or like... Steve Martin. Bill Murray!"

"Bill Murray is totally Batman. I love that guy." I take a deep gulp of my coffee, the steam fogging up my goggles. Hazelnut flavored creamer is good.

Mr. Happy Puppet head re-lights his cigar, thoughtfully chewing the soggy nub.   "My dad called me today. We talked for a little while. Mostly we talked about my brother. He's still doing the monster-who- steals-children thing. My dad thinks it's a waste of time haunting the woods behind the house, and that he doesn't make any money. That he should just move back into the house and focus on mowing the lawn."

He looks off into the distance.

"Do you think he's scary?"

I nod my head. "Yeah. I had a nightmare about him once where he was chasing me and he rolled me up in his giant tongue. And I was stuck his horrible giant tongue. And he said, 'Relax. Quit being a dump.'"

Mr. Happy Puppet Head's brother's name is Chad. The brothers look almost identical, both furry red floating puppet heads, but Chad has an enormous tongue that dangles from his face like a huge chunk of floppy, spitty meat.

"Cool," Mr. Happy Puppet Head nods. "I'll tell him you said that. He'll like to hear that."

"I think another cool thing about Batman is that he's really reliable. He's a really good friend."


Saturday, July 3

A few people have asked me to design a tattoo for our friend Nate who died last year. He was The Big Scary Monster, and he played bass. So I drew this, the Monster playing Nate's bass.

I don't have any tattoos, but I plan on getting one for Nate. Possibly this one. I think I'm going to keep designing and thinking about it.

Monday, March 29

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Two more works in progress for "Badass Vampire Tornado." HOVER OVER IMAGE TO TOGGLE.

I'm thinking now of what I am going to do with this comic that I am working on. Possibly I will print all of the panels out big and hang them up in an art gallery and have a live band play the soundtrack. Then it'll be a live walk-through comic book experience. That could be fun. And I'd like to print it out into a book, too.

On another note, today is my birthday. Here is a comic I hastily drew on that subject.

Thanks to everyone I know for being so great. Friends, family, coworkers, Mollie-my-Forever, you are all so great.

Tuesday, March 9

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Here are a couple more stills (hover over to toggle between the two) from the comic I'm working on.

I'd like to talk about my process in making this, but I'm not really sure where to start. I draw it mostly in photoshop using a wacom tablet, everything except for some thumbnail sketches to outline the scenes. I'm getting much better at using it, but it still isn't as easy as a real pencil, at least as far as making lines go. But it's so easy to erase, which I do a lot of.

Saturday, February 27

These are two work-in-progress frames from the comic book I'm working on, "BADASS VAMPIRE TORNADO."

(rollover the image w/ your mouse to toggle between the two)

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The Monster and Andre follow a vampire riding a tornado through their neighborhood, finding their way into his haunted castle.

And there are hotdogs.