Friday, December 17


I'm working on a Big Scary Monster Cartoon. This short deals with a job he takes babysitting some neighborhood children, Pickles and Bell.

Below is a rough sketch I did of the trio, and my first pass at a 3D rendering.

When I was in LA, the lead designer for Adventure Time, Phil Rynda, said he thought I did a good job with those 3D characters. So that's exciting and positive. His work is some of my favorite.

I have been working with my good friend Will Sanders, currently living in Indonesia, to write this thing. We are almost done with our second draft of the boards. Once we get those down we'll start working on the VO track, and figure out how to animate this thing.

I've never done a for real 3D character animation. Learning new things.

Also been working to revamp this site. New title banner at the top, not so sure about it, except I like that it's new. I plan on writing new stories and organizing them in a nice way. Like chapters somehow. Probably re-editing some of my old favorites and drawing new pictures.

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