Sunday, March 20

Chainsaw Face

Alternate punch-lines include "At least we kept the receipt," "...and with only one day until retirement..." and "Good thing my name is already Chainsaw Face."

Thursday, March 17

Wednesday, March 16

Monty's Soup and Sandwich Drive-Through Buffet, ALTERNATE ENDING!

Mollie says this ending would be funnier, and so it is.

Monty's Soup and Sandwich Drive-Through Buffet

My wife and I wrote a comic together! She's the best ever!

Tuesday, March 8

How To Draw a Frog in a Pond

I discovered that a number of people where brought to this site by Google-searching "How To Draw a Frog in a Pond." While I previously posted a drawing of a frog in a pond, nowhere on this site – until now – had an actual explanation of how it such a thing is done. I only hope that this satisfies.

Sunday, March 6

The Adventures of Moustache Kitty, Part 4

It's a great collaboration we have, me and cousin Tyler. He's always super excited to work with me, he always has tons of great ideas, and he tells me what to draw and the words to write. Easy and super fun.

Thursday, March 3

Life Drawings

Last week at the ASIFA Life Drawing Session.