Monday, March 29

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Two more works in progress for "Badass Vampire Tornado." HOVER OVER IMAGE TO TOGGLE.

I'm thinking now of what I am going to do with this comic that I am working on. Possibly I will print all of the panels out big and hang them up in an art gallery and have a live band play the soundtrack. Then it'll be a live walk-through comic book experience. That could be fun. And I'd like to print it out into a book, too.

On another note, today is my birthday. Here is a comic I hastily drew on that subject.

Thanks to everyone I know for being so great. Friends, family, coworkers, Mollie-my-Forever, you are all so great.

Tuesday, March 9

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Here are a couple more stills (hover over to toggle between the two) from the comic I'm working on.

I'd like to talk about my process in making this, but I'm not really sure where to start. I draw it mostly in photoshop using a wacom tablet, everything except for some thumbnail sketches to outline the scenes. I'm getting much better at using it, but it still isn't as easy as a real pencil, at least as far as making lines go. But it's so easy to erase, which I do a lot of.