Sunday, August 23

"Johnny and Little Brown Bear"

A Bedtime story by Selma E. Kuklinsky (my grandma)

As spring approached & the neighborhood resounded with the happy sounds of children at play, there was one three-year old boy that wandered from his own backyard & into the surrounding tree area in back of his home. 
Everyone in town spread out to different sections of the forest to locate the boy.  Johnny stood in his backyard, looking out at the forest spread out in front of him wondering how far the small boy had wandered. All of a sudden Little Brown Bear came from out of the trees, moving towards him with a tiny sneaker in his mouth. 

"Howdy Little Brown Bear," said Johnny. "What's that you got in your mouth?"

Little Brown Bear turned to face the woods.  Johnny understood he was to follow the Bear, though his parents asked him not to go outside the yard for any reason.
It took a lot of tramping over hills with plenty of shrubs & trees until Little Brown Bear dropped the sneaker in front of a dark opening in the ground.  Little Brown Bear hunched down & shimmied into the opening. Johnny paused before following. 

There was Jordan fast asleep on a bed of soft forest leaves, snug as a bug in a rug. 
Johnny gently woke the small boy. Jordan's eyes opened wide as he said, “Gee, what a swell time I’ve been having!  Little Brown Bear kept me warm up against his heavy fur coat all night & this morning he brought blackberries for my breakfast.  He’s my best friend but I miss my parents.” 
Little Brown Bear led them safely out of the woods & when Mountain Brown & all the others heard of how the Little Brown Bear cared all night to keep Jordan safe & warm--even feeding him a bear’s type of breakfast-- they no longer had it in their hearts to want to shoot at him. 
Little Brown Bear started to turn into one heap happy roly-poly bear because choice tidbits were left for him nightly by everyone in town.

And our hero Johnny made sure that they were always spread with Little Brown Bear's favorite sweetener, honey drippings over everything. 

The End.