Wednesday, December 28

This story isn't done, and it's looking like it never will be. But here it is anyways.


"Where's the hammer?" asks Mr. Happy Puppet Head.

"In the toolbox," I tell him. "Why?"

"I bought a cow." He leaves the room, and I hear him rumaging through the toolbox in the hall closet, then walk out the backdoor. Curious, I follow.

There is a cow in the backyard. A big fat black and white one with a bell around its neck. Mr. Happy Puppet Head hits it in the head with the hammer. The cow moos loudly and runs to the other side of the yard. Mr. Happy Puppet Head chases her and hits her again. She moos and runs again.

"Mr. Happy Puppet Head?" I ask him. "What are you doing this for?"

"It's a good investment. Lots of meat."

"I don't like beef."

"You don't like anything." The cow is slowing down, a trickle of blood runs down it's face. "It's still a good investment."

notes to finishing:
-Midnight chases crazy possesed meat all over the house like Tom and Jerry.
-lots of hit-in-the-crotch jokes

-"This is good beef," says Mr. Happy Puppet Head.
"Sure," I say as I hold the ice bag to my bruised crotch.

The End.

Tuesday, December 13

This is the blog of the main character in the movie I am working on now and one of reasons the Midnight Mailman has been down for so long.

It is of some interest. Especially to me since I am mentioned every now and then.