An introduction.

Above are two fictionalized characters based on the author. The Midnight Mailman is on the LEFT, Mr. Happy Puppet Head is on the RIGHT.

Sometimes I write stories about them. Often the Midnight Mailman wears a costume with a bowtie and goggles, this is the first time I drew him without that stuff. He looks like me, the author.

The author is Robert Paraguassu. I am 28 and I live in Atlanta, GA and I am an animator and designer.

Right now there is very little to this site. Years worth of rough drafts of stories, journal-like blog posts, a lot of broken links to drawings long lost to a server failure, and short film projects scattered throughout. But I have big plans, and am slowly acquiring the means to complete them.

Someday soon there will be a cool website with a nice logo and clearly defined sections for where you can read illustrated stories, watch cool cartoons and short movies, and maybe play games. Someday this website will be really nice and fun.