Tuesday, February 24

Today's show will be happy and pretty.

Like maybe some group hugging and some trust falls. How about I show you how to make friendship bracelets? We've got some neon shoelaces we could use... and we could play Scrabble. I'm real good at that. We could sing along to some cd's, I've got some good music out in my car, and dance a little.

Hey, Mr. Happy Puppet Head, go boil some water. We'll have hot chocolate and herbal tea.

And bring out my pajamas. The good ones, we're on air.

Maybe I'll start everything off with a story? A nice happy pretty one.


"The Happy Tea Party Picnic with the Cute Fuzzy Things"

Everything was going so splendidly. Spencer Fuzzy Thing was at the Tea Party Picnic with all of his best friends and it was sunny and Linda Fuzzy Thing had made the best sandwiches and soup and fruit tea Spencer thinks he'd ever had.

"Hey, Linda," said Spencer. "Thank you so much for the lovely picnic. This is really great."

"Yeah," aggreed Addelbert Fuzzy Thing. "Really great."

"Oh, thanks guys." Linda blushed. "It wasn't really anything. Ace helped."

"Hey, where is Ace?" Spencer asked. They all looked around, and just at that moment Ace jumped down out of the tree with his arms full of fresh apples!

"I got apples!" he yelled.

"Yay!" Everyone really liked apples, and was glad Ace Fuzzy Thing had brought them some.

They all had a lovely time that day, eating apples and sitting in the sun. Later on Spencer and Linda went off into the tall grass and kissed. She showed him her cute fuzzy breasts, and he showed her his cute fuzzy testicles, and they giggled. Addelbert Fuzzy Thing watched them from where they couldn't see him, and he giggled, too.

The End.

It's going to be a great show, kids. I just know it.

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