Monday, February 2

Arpit and Bloodbath, LEARNING IS FUN!

Hey guys, it's that iseparable pair of unlikely best friends whom you all love so dearly, Bloodbath the unemployed pirate captain and his wacky, half-retarted fifteen year-old best friend, Arpit! Yay!

They are standing in the parking lot in front of their apartment building. It's sunny.

ARPIT: Ow... my torso hurts...
BLOODBATH: Hurt's like how?
ARPIT: You know, just all jabby.
BLOODBATH: In your heart or your lungs?
ARPIT: Kind of both, kind of neither.
BLOODBATH: Was it something you ate?
ARPIT: Yeah, I eat lots of stuff.
BLOODBATH: Was any of it that "milkshake" you made earlier out of old prescription medicines and draino? And those drugs? From that big kid?
ARPIT: I mean, yeah, a lot of it was that... but a lot of it was also those egg rolls from last night.
BLOODBATH: Arpit, you need to go see a doctor.
ARPIT: I don't have to see nothing.
BLOODBATH: Fine. You'll probably die, though.
ARPIT: Yeah, it happens.
BLOODBATH: Oh, uh, now you do know you're bleeding from all of your orifices?
ARPIT: Aw, damn. You're right... well, i guess i can wait.
BLOODBATH: For what?
ARPIT: You know. The healing.
BLOODBATH: Oh... um...

Arpit's arms fall off, followed by his head, whereupon his legs collapse under his limbless torso. There is surpisingly little blood, and what blood there is, glows.

BLOODBATH: Now kids, don't do what Arpit did. Never. Not even if it looks good, the "milkshake" and the "not listening to your friends." These are two very deceptive, and decieving, things.

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