Thursday, February 12

Arpit and Bloodbath in "Happy Too Much Mayonaise Day!"

Arpit and Bloodbath are standing in the parking lot in front of their apartment building. It is sunny and lunchtime. Arpit has packed a lunch, and they are getting ready to eat it.

"Whoa," says Bloodbath. "There is a lot of mayonaise in this sandwich."

"But today is Too Much Mayonaise Day, Bloodbath," explains Arpit. "Remember? It's the one day out of the year that we use far too much of that creamy condiment, whether it ruins a perfectly good sandwich or not. Because we care. "

"Oh. I'll just scrape some of it off."

"But it's Too Much Maoynaise Day."

"Uh huh. But I don't like this much mayonaise and I'm hungry."

"But it's Too Much Mayonaise Day."

As Bloodbath removes the thick layers of mayonaise with his sword, a frail old woman drags a large birdcage full of children past the two friends. The children, six of them, watch Arpit and Bloodbath sadly as they pass.

"Happy Too Much Maoynaise Day!" Arpit smiles and waves, but the woman doesn't even look at him as she passes. "Do you guys want a sandwich?" He holds one out for them to take, but the old woman has already walked away.

Arpit shrugs and continues eating his sandwich. "Well I sure like mayonaise."

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