Friday, February 13

I don't want to get old. I look at myself in the mirror sometimes late at night and i see that guy in there, waiting. The lines and puffy skin and the cold eyes. The guy who will forget famous actor names and album titles, and put a "the" at the begining of every movie and bandname that doesn't have one.

And what if for the rest of my life I'm only attracted to girls in their early twenties? I hope that when I'm old I'll think all those old women are hot, because that'll be my best chance. Unless I'm rich or famous or somehow get really smooth and don't lose my hair, then I can just keep pursuing those girls in their twenties. But none of that is too likely.

What if I stop understanding why the current music genres are any good? Is that something that happens to everyone? Right now I'm looking forward to an immense library of future musics, maybe by people that aren't even born yet, but what if there's a cut-off line to what I can enjoy? Like by the time I hit 30 I'll only like the stuff I listened to in college.

There will most likely be another group in the future that everyone considers to be the next Beatles, a band so incredible they make you bleed and they change everything for the better. And what if I don't get it? My old ears just won't comprehend the goodness, and I'll mutter things about Radiohead and the Pixies and the kids will laugh at me and tell me to turn off my oldies station.

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