Thursday, December 11

this is the part where we get some kid from the studio audience and do something funny.

we'll take you, the kid with the t-shirt depicting a shark on a surfboard. he looks like we can get some good jokes out of him.

what's your name? Frank? great.

so what do you like to do? go to school? yeah? what about your family, any brother's or sisters? yes? a younger sister named Carrol? you think so? well, we've got a surprise for you, don't we Mr. Happy Puppet Head? yes we do, Frank. bring out the surprise mr. happy puppet head!

look at that! a hamburger! do you like hamburgers Frank? i know i sure do. boy, yummy stuff. go ahead, dig in.

do you know where hamburgers come from, Frank? that's right, from farms. but not this time, no Frank, this time that hamburger is made out of something less than bovine in nature.

this time... that hamburger is made out of... get ready folks... your sister Carrol! isn't that a funny joke?

don't worry folks, kids always vomit and run and cry at the same time like that when they discover they've eaten someone they love. it's part of the joke.

yes, i know, we still have some kinks to work out on our show. like making it funny.

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