Sunday, December 28

i've been working on a new theme song for the show. i'm scrapping the old one, the one where i drop several large cooking pots and yell my name over and over. "The Midnight Mailman! The Midnight Mailman!" i had no problems with it, but i think it's just time to be moving on.

this new song will have a large choral section, church bells, five electric guitars, a chainsaw, and a herd of angry bison. the electric guitars will all play completely seperate (but equally rocking) solos at the same time while the choral section, bells, chainsaw and bison will do their repsective thing. all the while i yell "The Midnight Mailman! The Midnight Mailman!"

it's gonna tear the shit out of your tv speakers. it's gonna set new levels of what rocks harder than hard. your parents will be offended. your baby sister will cry. you will have nightmares for weeks, yet while your family and neighbors will beg you not to, you still come back for more, week after week, damaged ear drum after damaged eardrum, you will come back. the national rate of heart attacks from too much awesomeness will rise dramatically come the release of this new theme song.

so you might die. it's that good.

but i've got some friends coming over soon and i have to go check on that Tofurky in the oven.

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