Saturday, December 13

my goggles are begining to fog up and i think my cape might be caught under the wheels of my chair. i'll fix it during the commercial.

today we have a ventriliquist on the show. there is nothing interesting about that.

as he talks and makes his puppet thing talk i write little notes to myself on my notepad.

the ventriliquist has asked me a question. dammit. i push the emergency button and Mr. Happy Puppet Head comes running out to start doing a dance. i yell that it's time for the Mr. Happy Puppet Head time for dancing, and all the kids yell with rabid excitement. hot damn, that puppet's on fire tonight.

the producer motions for the ventriliquist to leave the stage. he does. he looks sad and dejected. so does his puppet thing. i'll make sure he gets two of those gift baskets with the crackers and sausage. i wonder if that shit's any good.

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