Saturday, December 20

no one is watching the show. ratings are at a record low. maybe someone unplugged the broadcast tower? i'll have someone check into that.

how can this be? i'm the most talented person i know. everyone from high school had absolute faith that i'd make it big. i wasn't voted Most Likely to Succeed or anything like that, but that was for the popular kids anyways. the kids who were in the theater department's rendition of Grease.

but now i have a show. everyone who always told me i could do it, here i am. i'm doing it.

why aren't you watching? why am i failing? what do i do now? can i make the show funnier? better? how?

how about....

nudity! no budget for attractive people, so i'll start by taking my clothes off. i can draw some breasts with a magic marker. there.

and i'll set things on fire. like my desk. there.

no we sit back and wait for the ratings to come rolling in. i'm pumped.

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