Saturday, December 20

Mr. Happy Puppet Head and i are out having drinks. it's loud in the club and i can't hear my friend so well. he tries to tell me about his problems paying bills and with his woman who doesn't understand why he has to slap her around every now and then, but like i said, i can't hear him so well.

i soon start ignoring him and begin concentrating my attention on the most hideous man i've ever seen. he's enormous, at least two feet taller than anyone else in the room. and he has wings and claws and he isn't wearing any clothes. so i can see plain as anything that he has my face tatood on his shoulder.

only it's not just my face, it has a bright red X over my face, negating my importance. my goodness. everything that i cherish about my face this big ugly guy things isn't worth not crossing out on a tatoo on his shoulder.

so i go out to get at tatoo myself, but i don't know what to get to show this guy who's boss. my real face is already tatood to my skull, and another one on my shoulder seems redundant. so i get this phrase inked permanently on my shoulder, "i miss the way my shoulder looked before i had this crap tatood on it."

that'll show that naked monster.

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