Thursday, December 11

This is my new blog. hello internet. this is where i get to be so clever and witty and everyone will love me. boy oh boy.

maybe it could be like a tv variety show where i have puppet friends and special guests? or something with lots of explosions and hot naked people from time to time. that's the excitement, what keeps people coming back. 'cause maybe you'll see some naked or explodings.

here's one of our friends now, mr. happy puppet head! he has drug problems, and he's a racist and a communist, but we don't talk about that with him.

he says hello to all of us, and we say hello back as loudly as we can. he does some spins in the air and tells a joke. he's so funny and we laugh. but then he tells a joke that isn't so funny. sort of uncomfortable, see. it's about someone who died recently, and not only was it in bad taste (because everyone loved that person), but it wasn't even funny, and he kind of stumbled over some words. there he goes, running back behind the curtains...

goodby mr. happy puppet head, maybe next time, eh? we won't hold it against you.

very quickly the producer shoves out a woman and a man, neither of them are very attractive, but they both take off their clothes and start licking each other. there's a lot of spit. the children cheer them on wildly.

and the show progresses from there. i'd say it was a pretty successful first try, and we'll iron out the kinks later.

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