Friday, December 26

and now it's done time for that one holiday everyone seems to celebrate. i sat in my house and drew pictures all day. the drawings will skyrocket me to fame, i'm certain.

but it just felt like another day. no blessings from christ or senor hanukah or nothin. just me sitting in my house drawing pictures. at least i didn't have to work.

on another note, the left side of my face started to melt a little. i'm not sure if i was halucinating like in that one Poltergeist movie, but it sure looked like it was melting. the left side. it didn't drip, but it did sag something awfull. exposing my entire eyeball and extending that nostril at least by three or four inches. gross stuff. i tried inverting myself, but it just melted into my hair and face is a bitch to wash out. so i just sat outside and let it cool a bit. it's not freezing or anything, but it's warmer than in my house. good thing i was almost completely alone all day today, or someone might have been bothered by my horrible disfigurement. and that'd be a shame on christmas.

but i'm sure it'll re-form itself soon enough into the charming visage the world has fallen in love with.

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