Wednesday, November 3

The two sniff each other, circling round and round as they burrow into the scent of the stranger.

When they are done sniffing, they sit down and stare off at the clouds together, new friends on a grassy hill.

One's name is Stephanie, the other is Razor Wire. They watch the sun set and soon it is dark.

Razor Wire says she is tired of how her life has been going and she's leaving.

"Where are you going?" asks Stephanie.

"Doesn't matter," she replies. "I'll just go."

"Wow," Stephanie looks up at the moon and thinks about that. "I wish I could do that, just go."

"You can. Nothing stopping you, really." They sit in silence for a long time.

"But..." Stephanie thinks about all the things stopping her--her family, her friends, her easy supply of food and recreational drugs. Would she be able to find all of these things somewhere else? And she would miss the rolling green hills that she has grown up in. Could she live without them?

After a little while longer of sitting and talking about this and that, they part ways.

Walking home in the dark, Stephanie is stopped by Roderick, a boy she knows from playing in the big green feild. He is a large worm thing that moves so slowly he can only catch the stupidest of birds to eat, and his teeth are so large he can barely open his mouth to chew what does happen to make its way in. He is crying.

"What's wrong, Roderick?" Stephanie asks. Roderick doesn't answer, instead he snaps at her and almost gets one of her legs. "Hey!" She hops out of biting range. "What're you doing?"

He sobs and wails loudly, but doesn't answer her questions. He wiggles slowly towards her, still trying to snap her up with his enormous teeth. She easily hops out of his reach, but he keeps trying.

Roderick follows Stephanie for a long time, accross the dark hills, under the bright fall stars, wailing and sobbing. He is completely unresponsive to her questioning.

They arrive in front of her small house. Stephanie's mother unlocks the door and lets her inside. Roderick doesn't leave once the door is locked. "What's that boy doing?" she asks, but Stephanie has no answer other than "He's trying to eat me."

"But that's Martha's boy," her mother peers out the window at the fat worm child crying in her front yard. "He gone crazy?"

He attacks their mailbox. It doesn't run away. He has trouble, but manages to get most of it down his throat.

"Sometimes people go crazy sometimes," Stephanie's mother says. "You just don't know."

Stephanie nods her head. She goes up to her room upstairs and takes her suitcase out of her closet and puts it on her bed. She stares at it for a long time before she puts it back and goes downstairs for dinner.

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