Tuesday, November 16

I wake up to an unusual shuffling sound in the backyard. I've been asleep for only an hour and I'm all groggy and confused. I look out the window and see something moving around.

I walk outside, hugging myself against the cold, and see something strange.

The giant worm thing chases the three chicken birds in circles around the yard. The birds don't seem too worried about the worm, since it's so slow, but they make sure to keep their distance. The giant worm seems intent on eating the birds, and seems sure it'll be really great once it gets one in its mouth.

It's a cold fall night and the crickets are all gone, so the only sound is the ruffling of feathers and the small grunting of the worm.

I don't know how they got in since the gate is locked, but I go ahead and open it so they can get back out. I don't want any violence perpetrated in my backyard, even if it is part of the beauty of nature and giant worms.

They chase each other around in impotent circles, accomplishing nothing at all. I get bored watching them and go back to bed, hoping they'll be gone in the morning.

But they aren't. They don't even seem tired after chasing and being chased for so long. Mr. Happy Puppet Head and Enormous Bunny are watching through the windows. "You going to make some breakfast or what?" asks Mr. Happy Puppet Head. "I'm hungry."

I take out the eggs and begin the process of scrambling them. "Do you think it'll ever catch the birds?" I ask. Mr. Happy Puppet Head ignores the question. "Make sure to make the omlet dry," he says. "You never cook it enough."

So we eat our super dry omlet while watching the worm chase the birds around and around and around. I wonder how long they've been doing this. It seems like it could be one of those eternal, infinite things that's been going on forever and could go on forever after. You don't get to see those sorts of things often. Kind of magical. Inspiring.

One of the birds trips and falls. The worm slowly crawls on top of it and bites off it's head. The other two birds stop and watch from a safe distance as their compatriate is slowly torn to pieces.

I grab a broom and chase them out of the yard. The worm doesn't move an inch until he's eaten the last of the bird, completly ignoring me as I whack it in the face with said broom.

Maybe I should go check for giant worm traps as the hardware store. Sometimes it seems there's never an end to the problems that come up in day to day exhistance.

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