Thursday, November 11

"Some people have large muscles," said the boy who had none as he talked to the other boy dressed like a sailor whose mother hadn't had anything to drink in three months because her husband said, "I can't take you being drunk all the time, so knock it off," and she did even though now she's really mean to her son and dresses him up in these costumes like sailors and midieval serfs and Navajo Indians so that all the other kids in the class make fun of him and she makes him relate all the mean things said and done to him and this is what she gets drunk on now. "Some people have large muscles," said the boy, "Let's go get some, too."

So they went to the workout place and worked out until they had really big muscles. Then they lifted heavy things and won the acclaim of everyone.

"Sometimes I just eat all the peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon," said the boy to the girl whose father had just been fired from his job for gross negligence in the face of adversity, which goes completely against the company motto, but the man hadn't ever learned to read because of his rather large mental disability rendering it impossible for him to think past his own immediate needs like food, water, sex, and violence, yet he always provided for his daughter. But he was fired. "Sometimes I just eat all the peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon," said the boy, "and by sometimes I mean always for every meal."

So they both gorged themselves on peanut butter until the nutty processed nutness oozed from every orifice and their tiny hearts--which had never learned to love completely--were filled solid with the stuff. Their martyrdom was quickly forgotten by the masses.

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