Thursday, November 18

The meat was sad that the other meat had died. This dead was forever, not just the regular kind of dying that meats go through when the cow or pig it had been a part of was slaughtered for food. That kind of dying is what starts the life of a meat. No, this was the other type of dying that means you can't go to anymore meat parties or laze around looking at the clouds.

This was the meat that found its meat friend dead in the living room watching some coutroom drama on TV. It was green and moldy and lifeless. The meat had come over with a surprise, a new book of trivia. But the meat dropped the book when it found its friend dead, dropped it and never picked it up again.

In the graveyard the sad inevitablity of life hung overhead like a cloud, and all seemed dark and gloomy and sharp with razors. The meat cried a little.

But then some happy meat clowns and meat ballerinas came by and brightened everything!

But they eventually died from meat-rot, too.

But then more happy meat clowns and meat ballerinas were born from slaughter! Party!

But then they died...

But then there was a day they invented Anti-Death, and no meat ever died again! Biggest party ever!

But then the party got really boring and everyone went home and was bored,even with trivia and court TV...forever.

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