Tuesday, August 31

Now is time for advice to give to the children. A simple monologue delivered by me on the leather recliner by the fireplace.

I have a pipe. Corncob. Unlit with nothing in it. I chew on the mouthpiece thoughtfully.

So I say, Keeping yourself busy is how they trick you. They say things about idle hands and angry demons or something, but they just don't want you to stop and have a good time. You should sit around and stare at the clouds way more than you do. Hours should be spent smelling the grass and the wind and the ocean, not just select moments when you accidentally forget to think about your taxes.

Breaking things and making a lot of noise is another really good thing to do. Break things that they say shouldn't be broken, and stomp around and sing loudly when they say you shouldn't. Be considerate of other people's property and right to happy times, but also be aware of when you can get away with things. Like smashing extra dishes and bowls. You only need so many.

And I'll leave you with a thought. A thought to get you thinking constructively about the world. If you were to watch a time-lapse of someone's entire life of them standing in place, you would witness a seemingly constant inflow of food, and a constant outflow of waste, piling up into an enormous mountain behind them.

It just kind of puts everything in perspective, I think.

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