Sunday, August 15

The Big Scary Monster just found a bunch of bugs under a rock. He thinks they look really good to eat, so he pops one into his mouth.

"That was awesome!" says one of the bugs in his hand. "Man, greusome death, right there! Damn that was awesome."

The Monster looks the little creature over, thinking. He casually eats one of the other bugs as he inspects the loud one.

"Yes! You totally ate that guy like it was nothing. No respect for lives other than your own. Badass! You are such a badass!" screeches the little bug.

"Eat me next!" yells one of the other bugs. The Monster obliges, and then all the others chirp up demanding to be next. Soon there is only the one bug left, the one who called him a badass.

"Wow, that was great, huh?" asks the bug as he reclines comfortably in the monter's large furry hand. "Man... carnage. Awesome." The little bug takes out a little cigar and starts smoking it. "I think we're going to be good friends, buddy. Good friends."

The little bug takes a few more deep, satisfying puffs of the cigar before the Monster pops him in his mouth and crunches him dead.

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