Monday, August 23

Today is the first day of school for Howie the little girl. Her mom told her not to bring her pet old man head, she said the other kids might make fun of her. But she hid her best friend ever in her backpack and trotted off to catch the bus, her mom never suspecting a thing.

Getting to school is always fun on the first day. Lots of people and excitement and that smell of all the kids with the greased hair and new clothes. Howie anticpates all the fun she will have once she gets to school. But right now she's riding the bus.

"What's in your backpack?" asks a boy sitting next to her. "What's that smell?"

"It's my best friend," and she takes him out of the bag.

The boy's eyes go real wide. "That's so gross!" he says. "Did you kill an old man and cut off his head?"

"No," said Howie. "He's just like this. He's real funny, too. He tells jokes and he slowly turns colors and changes smells every few weeks. I love him and he loves me."

"Wow, I want a severed head for a friend..." Then the boy's eyes get even wider and he asks, "Hey, can we share him?"

Howie agrees. Friends are for sharing. But for now she puts him back in her bag. "You can write notes to him, he likes stories about butterflies and glowing ponies that sing opera." The boy nods and they sit in silence the rest of the bus ride, enjoying their newly shared frienship with the head.

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