Sunday, August 22

Today is for chefs who don't know how to tie the spagetti in knots when the famous politician asks for it and everyone says, hey, just do what the famous politician says, and the chef is sitting in the back room trying desperately to tie the slippery ends of the pasta together, but he just gets so nervous and he squishes it with his fingers and the knots just come undone and he never was very good at tying knots and now maybe the politician will be angry with him and have his henchemen take crowbars to his restaurant and then what will he do becuase his wife will probably leave him without all the money to keep her with him and he'll be damned if he'll ever work in someone else's restaurant again, if only he could tie all this spaghetti together.

He needs help. He needs your help.

Here's what you do, kids, just start banging on your keyboard and yell loudly. Dont worry about what you're yelling about, just make some loud sounds from your throat. You can throw your computer mouse accross the room if you have one, that might help. The main thing is to just make as much noise as you can right now so he can tie the knots in the spaghetti.


not bad, keep going...

Okay, that does it. Our chef ties all the spaghettis into one big pasta string because you made so much noise (if you didn't make noise and just read further on, it's never too late to yell incoherently). You did a great job, and now he still has one. So thanks. He says to come by the restaurant sometime and he'll give you a free Coke or something.

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