Friday, August 20

A Performance Art Piece!

Today I will be portraying a scene from my childhood in which a mean boy on the bus tries to take my hat that I love so much. A tall felt hat with horizontal blue and white stripes.

Here I am, this chair represents me sitting on the bus, and just pretend that I am wearing a big funny hat and I'm shorter and fatter with big plastic glasses.

Bus rides are fun. Look at the trees as they zoom past my window. Wow.

The mean boy will be played by the station's janitor, Mr. Winkles. He may be 60 years older and far more hunched than the boy on the bus, but you can use your imagination children.

Hey! Give me back my hat! I grab his hair and pull hard. He whines painfully, and I only let go when he pretends to give me back the hat. I can see he's starting to cry as he shuffles off stage, and I'll have to appologize to him later. But I'm in character now.

Anyone who wants to touch my funny hat had better not! I'll pull your hair, don't even think I won't. But now here's my stop, and I'll be getting off. Nobody mess with me, okay?

The bus pulls up to a stop... and I get off... and I run away real fast.

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