Monday, August 16

Mr. Happy Puppet Head looks at me like I'm a moron. "That's not a game."

"Sure it's a game," I say. "What's not a game about it?"

"First off, games are fun. Throwing potatos accross the yard for no reason isn't fun." His mustache wiggles. "Second, if there's no winner, it's not a game."

"It's a game where everyone is a winner." I pick up one of the potatos from the pile and throw it accross the yard. It hits the fence and falls into the thick, umowed lawn. "See? It's fun." I run and fetch the potato and throw it back. It lands under Mr. Happy Puppet Head.

"Watch it, dude! You almost hit me."

"I did not." I walk back over and hand him the potato. "You try now." But he just looks at me like I'm still a moron and goes back into the house.

I think it's a great game.

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