Wednesday, September 1


She was one of the cutest little blue things in the world.

She found a bird next to a box of arms. She didn't have any arms, so
asked the bird if she could have a few of his.

"No," said the bird. "These are magic wishing arms. You can't have them."

"Why not? What's a magic wishing arm?"

"I'll show you," and he picked up the box with one of his wings and
said, "I wish the little blue girl thing had some arms." There was a
bright flash of light and a small human man wearing a tweed jacket and
smoking a corncob pipe appeared.

"I killed a man, once." The man said with his squeaky voice and bushy
white beard. "I killed him because he looked all googly at my mother."

"That's not what you wished for," the little blue thing said to the
bird. "Those magic wish arms are broken."

"Not broken," said the bird. "They just don't give you what you wish
for, they give you what the arms think you should have wished for."

"That's silly," said the cute little.

"I am wearing five pairs of tweed jacket," yelled bearded man as he
ran away over the hill.

"Not silly at all," said the bird. He picked up the box of arms and
turned his back on the blue cute.

The little blue cute thought hard for a long time, staring at the box
and the back of the bird. An idea came, and already tired from
thinking, didn't bother to think about the thought.

So acting upon this thought, the cute little jumped into the box of
arms headfirst, snuggled up against the magic severedness of limbs,
and squeaked "I wish for fluffy puffs and sparkly shinies!"

With a bright flash of light the cute little blue thing turned into a
can of peas. The bird shook his head at the can of peas, but saved
them in the box for later. He loved peas.

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