Wednesday, September 29

I'm reminded of an old story where an enormous bunny rabbit, a tall bird, and a small boy go on a voyage accross the water in search of something in particular. Many times they think they see what they are looking for, and the boy points at it in excitement, but it's never the thing they are looking for. Sometimes, in his delirium from lack of potable water or food, he points at the sun or clouds. The rabbit and the bird never laugh at him.

Now I'm tired and hungry and I keep getting dirt in my mouth from lying on the ground with my arms and legs tightly bound with rope. It's late and the bonfire is almost completely out, but the music is still blaring full blast.

I think I see someone coming to help me. I see that famous actor I like. What a great guy. Like that one time in that movie. Wow.

He bends down and tries to untie me, but there aren't any knots. Magic monster ropes I guess.

He yells something to me, but I can't hear him. I can't really hear anything anymore except a loud hissing, and I wonder if that's actually hearing or the sound of my shredded eardrums flapping around. "I don't know what you're saying!" I yell. He calls over another actor and some famous singer and he motions for them to pick me up. They carry me accross the party plaza, into the dark corridor, out the front entrance, and into the dark desert outisde. They run away from the compound as fast as they can, still carrying me.

It's almost dawn. I'm so thirsty and hungry. The end of the story with the bird and the boy and the big rabbit doesn't end happily. They travel for a a long time and never do find what they were looking for. The boy dies first, and the rabbit and the bird eat him. Then the rabbit and the bird get in a fight and stab each other with shards of the boy's skeleton. And it turns out the thing they were looking for after all was right there in front of them, which was Love. It was right there in their chests.

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