Sunday, September 12

So we think we found a new house, but it seems too good to be true. It's affordable, in a great neighborhood, and plenty of space for both me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head. It even has sunflowers in the front yard and butterflies. It must be haunted or have corpses in the basement or something.

But we've already got in trouble with the neighbors. We told the owner that we wanted the house and she said we could have it, so after that we started stomping around our new house yelling and singing and stuff. Then the nieghbor man ran in and told us to stop. We told him we were just celebrating becase we were moving in. He looked real hard at us, and then left without appologizing or really settling anything.

But I think he'll find that we are good people to live next to, we just get a little rowdy sometimes.

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