Monday, September 6


Arpit and Bloodbath the pirate captain are standing outside of their apartment complex.

They stand there quietly, saying and doing nothing of any interest to anyone. No one interesting walks by. Jenny, the green cute that lives in Bloodbath's hat has nothing funny to joke about. Nothing strange or funny happens in front of them. The only thing happening is the sun and the wind and the birds chirping in the trees, and you really have to be there to enjoy all that.


Arpit yawns. He has a really big mouth so it's a really big yawn. Bloodbath blinks with his one eye. It might start an interesting conversation if Arpit were to ask Bloodbath if his empty eye socket under the pirate patch blinks, too, but he doesn't think to ask.

More birds chirp and some warm wind blows accross their faces.

Hours earlier someone tripped over a rock in the sidewalk, spilling the stack of papers they were holding all over someone's yard. This someone happened to be mowing the lawn, ran over the stack of papers, blew up the lawnmower, causing both people to become horribly mutilated and seek a life of dark solitude in the sewer system of their suburban town. Together, as they searched for a new life, they encountered an ancient secret so horrible and potentially catastrophic that they both vommited all over their mutilated selves. The secret started to glow and englufed both onlookers in glowing green light that mutated them both into monsters that screamed and mauled things. The monsters clawed their way through a mile of dirt and concrete to burst up in the middle of the busy shopping mall. The monsters were so excited by all the consumers toddling about that they started screaming and mauling up the place. If this had happened yesterday, the old security guard Leonard would have said, "Eh, it's my last day. Let the monsters monster." And the monsters would have eventually found their way to Arpit and Bloodbath's apartment complex, and some funny stories for you to enjoy would have surely happened. But today is Chad's first day as the new mall security guard, and he's super trigger happy for doing a good job. So he whips out the gun and blasts the two monsters in their faces and they die.

Hours later, Arpit yawns real big and Bloodbath blinks with the one eye. Jenny snores in Bloodbath's hat.

Later they go watch some tv or something.

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