Monday, September 20

The show is just getting worse and worse. I have a hard time bringing myself to even show up, and when I do, I just kind of stand in front of the camera and talk about the things I saw that day. Like some birds, some trucks, maybe a girl skipping rope.

Mr. Happy Puppet Head still isn't home. These are headlines I found from the past few days newspaper:

"Enormous Statues Depicting Explicit Orgies Appear, Take up Miles of Kansas Farmland"

"National Park Eaten by Rude Monsters, Red Puppet Laughs at Antics"

"Hundreds of Celebrities Go Missing"

"No Suspects in Disapperance of West Coast Supply of Alchohol"

"West Coast Officials Herald the Disapperance of all the Drugs, Police Awarded Drug War Medals"

"Sheep Terrified"

I need to catch a bus to the West Coast. No time to pack. Mr. Happy Puppet Head is in danger and I hope it isn't too late.

I see what's happening now. He has the magic violin.

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