Thursday, April 8

So Mr. Happy Puppet Head took me all the way to this big tall skyscraper out in the middle of nowhere. Five hour bus ride. There were all these fields and cows and stuff in the country, then this big office building skyscraper jutting up completely out of place. Black and shiny, maybe twenty stories high. Far too high to be out in the middle of the country.

Looks like a growth or a disease.

And now the doors won't open. The skyscraper is abandoned, Mr. Happy Puppet Head. Now we're going to have to wait for that stupid bus, and it'll be hours. Thanks.

Right. Then why aren't they opening the doors if they knew we were coming?

Yes. Maybe they are out to lunch.

Oh, there they are, behind us. Hello.

Three business men, young guys, all in the exact same suit carrying the exact same expensive briefcase. Their eyebrows are their most differentiating features. The one on the far left has big bushy white ones, the middle guy has real thin black ones, an the guy on the right doesn't have any at all. I don't usually notice people's eyebrows. Something strange is going on when you're noticing people's eyebrows.

They seem real nice, a bit too casual-speaking for guys in suits and briefcases. Stiff backs and shiny shoes. Something's not right. Who are these guys? Why won't they let us in their skyscraper?

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