Monday, April 26

Pants Look Good on Everyone!

a NEW Educati-Fun video.

Hey Timmy, where are your pants?

Oh, I don't like the way pants look on me anymore. I'm just gonna go bottomless from now on.

No way, man. Pants look good on everyone. I'll show you.

(he breaks out into intricate and impressive song and dance number. he points out that it can be cold and genitals need to be kept warm and that pants ar real good for that. he also sings about the mystery of hiding the legs and butts and stuff, and how we all like mystery and not looking at everyone's legs and butts and stuff.)

(the two boys are out of breath and smiling from the exertion of the dance number)

Wow, thanks Johnny! Now I'll go straight home and put me on some leg coverin's.

You'll be glad you did!

I know! Thanks!


See you later!


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