Wednesday, April 7

I only threw him away for a minute. I panicked. I didn't want Mr. Happy Puppet Head to see me with another disembodied head friend. But I got him back out, cleaned off the garbage juice, and now we're okay.

Mr. Happy Puppet Head has a surprise for me, he's all excited about it, and he doesn't seem to care at all what I'd been up to. How I worried or anything. And he won't tell me where we're going now. It's a five hour bus ride to get there, whatever it is. He says it's what he's been working on for the past week and a half or so. Big time stuff he says. But he won't tell me any details.

So Mr. Happy Severed Head is hosting the show right now. I think he's going to sing some songs and play some games. Or whatever the kids imagine him doing. I wrote a sign for the kids telling them to imagine him doing all sorts of clever things, because severed heads can't do anything without a lot of imagination. I hope they read the sign.

Much like severed heads, long bus rides can be boring without the use of your imagination. I'm going to imagine the woman accross the aisle with her clothes off. And then I'll imagine that she's young and attractive. With hair.

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