Friday, April 23

Howie the little girl stares at Mr. Happy Severed Head. She's lying on her stomach in the front lawn, the sun is shining and it's all nice and warm. They're such happy friends in the springtime.

"I love you, head," says Howie. She imagines him saying that he loves her back.

Arpit and his unemployed pirate captain friend, Bloodbath, come walking down the street.

"Hey Howie!" yells Arpit. Arpit and Bloodbath are also such happy friends in the springtime. "What are you doing with Mr. Happy Severed Head?"


"Mr. Happy Severed Head. That's him. He's on tv sometimes," says Arpit.

"Oh, Head! You're famous?" asks Howie.

"He's on The Midnight Mailman Show," says Arpit.

"That show's for babies," says Howie. "But I'm still glad we're friends, Mr. Head."

Just then a very ugly puppy scampers towards them. It's missing a lot of fur and has one really big eye. It goes straight for the head and begins sniffing furiously.

"Hey puppy," says Howie. "That's my friend Mr. Head." The dog grabs the head by the nose and runs away with it, bumping and dragging it along the concrete. "Hey!" yells Howie. "Hey! Come back!" The dog disappears much faster than one would think possible.

"Well, we'll be moving along, then." says Bloodbath, grabbing Arpit's arm.

"My pet old man head! Oh no!" wails the little girl as she runs off after it.

"Yup, later kid." Bloodbath begins walking away."

"No way." says Arpit, hands on his hips. "We're gonna help her find Mr. Happy Severed Head. He's not just her friend, he's a national treasure. Come on."

Bloodbath sighs all sad-like. Howie runs away down the street in the direction the dog went, Arpit and the pirate follow.

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