Thursday, April 22

Mr. Happy Puppet Head has a puppy now. Apparently he woke up in a ditch last night and the little thing was licking his face all loving. It's real ugly, the ugliest puppy I've ever seen. It has more bald spots than fur, on of its eyes is almost twice the size of the other, and it drools a lot. Way more than normal. But now they're best friends. This is the hapiest I've seen Mr. Happy Puppet Head in a long time.

They're playing in the backyard right now. Mr. Happy Puppet Head floating around the yard, doing spins and flips, the little puppy thing yapping and gurgling up at him.

I'm inside, sitting by the phone, waiting. Except for leaving the house to do the show, I've been here constantly. I've resisted picking up the reciever to make sure it's working like they do on tv. I'm sure it works. She just isn't calling.

Oh, the puppy fell in my digging hole. Mr. Happy Puppet Head just laughs at him. It's ugly, but cute in that real ugly sort of way. I need to work on that hole some more. Women distract me so easily from my creative endevors.

I'm glad he has his puppy. Maybe he'll stay sober for a few days. It sure is nice when he's sober. And maybe the pretty girl with the dislocating jaw will call me. That'd sure be nice, too.

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