Friday, December 31

The Jigglin' Clown Day Celebrations are over, me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head have finally gotten off the couch and are nursing our bedsores while blinking hard at lights other than the TV.

But that holiday is over. Now it's time to Dance With Celebrations for a New Year.

For us, a good bit of 2004 went into making The Midnight Mailman Show. It means a lot to us that you watch it, and that you seem to enjoy it so much.

We have Big Plans for 2005. We'll have:

--lots and lots more videos and cartoons (we know you're sick of the two that've been there for so long)

--Midnight Mailman toys and clothings to buy for your friends and loved ones

--more games with prizes

--more stories. Maybe we'll kill off some characters, maybe invent some new ones, or maybe other things we haven't thought of yet. You never know. It's all very exciting.

So keep coming back. We'll try to keep it funny. And keep leaving me notes. It's how I know you care.

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