Wednesday, December 15

Howie the little girl is slowly climbing the rope down into the seemingly bottomless Sorting Mail Pit. Her arms get very tired as the circle of daylight above her grows smaller and smaller, envelopes and packages fluttering around her in the damp, earth-smelling air.

"It's almost too bad I love my friend so much," says Howie. Her arms are burning with the effort, but she keeps climbing down.

She stops for a moment to catch her breath. Just as she does, a large orange envelope lands on her face. She grabs for it quickly, loses her grip, and with a small shriek falls flailing backwards into the darkness.

It isn't long before she lands comfortably on the enormous pile of letters collected at the bottom.

She sits up and notices that it isn't completely dark at the bottom of the pit, but that she can see basically where she is due to two little red lights against a wall not far away.

"Head?" she calls out for her best friend. "Where are you Head?" But she gets no answer.

Howie climbs down from the pile of envelopes and walks towards the little red lights. It's brighter under the lights and has a better chance of finding her pet old man head if he's nearby. "Head?" She digs through another pile of mail.

On a smaller pile of mail only a short distance away she sees the cardboard box containing her best friend. She stands up and begins to run to it when the little red lights suddenly move towards her.

Howie freezes in her tracks. She realizes that the little red lights are the eyes of an enormous chomping robot, which is now standing inbetween her and her best friend in the whole world.

No sooner does Howie recognize that this is a rather big problem needing a solution than a large mechanical claw drops from the cieling, grabs the package with the severed head, and zips up into the darkness above.

Now the only problem is that there is an enormous red-eyed chomping monster staring at her in an underground cave that she has no idea how to escape from.

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