Wednesday, December 22

It's been brought to my attention that we missed our anniversary. The Midnight Mailman Show was one year old on December 11. So now it's one year and eleven days old.

So in commemoration, we're going to give out the best gift in the world to one lucky person. Mr. Happy Puppet Head, hand me that old-fashioned top hat with all the slips of paper in it. Each slip of paper has a name on it from someone in our stuido audience, and we're going to pick one at random. That person gets the free gift.

Here we go... Henrietta Fitzburger! Come on down and get your prize!

Open it up, Henrietta. Don't be scared to tear the wrapping.

Look at that! Isn't it great? You know what it is? It's a cloning machine! All you have to do is push this button and it instantly makes an exact duplicate of you. You can make as many as you want. We even supplied you with extra clone juice in case you run out.

Now go make fifty of yourself and have a party. And Happy Birthday The Midnight Mailman Show!

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