Thursday, December 9

Bermuda and Steve have taken Howie the little girl's pet old man head.

They have a cardboard box and say that they are going to send Head to the Mayor because the Mayor is a cog in the system of injustice.

"See, if we send him this severed old man's head, he'll step down from office," Bermuda explains to Howie.

"But not before he dismantles the city governement. Don't forget that part," says Steve. "He needs to dismantle the city government and pronounce its citizens truly free."

"I didn't forget. He needs to dismantle... the injustice." Bermuda waves his hand in the air dramatically.

"You forgot to tell her that this will set an example for the world, and everyone'll be dismantling their governments."

Howie blinks up at the two-headed naked monster.

"See, little girl," says Steve as he chews on one of his fingernails. "We've been trying to get the mayor to step down for a long time now. We tried asking politely, we sent letters, had petitions signed, the works, you know? We even had a bake sale to pay the Mayor to leave."

"But he wouldn't take the money! Can you believe that?" Bermuda continues waving his hand around dramatically.

Howie looks at her best friend in the whole world sitting on the ground behind the naked monster. She wishes she could go pick him up, but Bermuda and Steve won't let her past them.

"So we used the money from the bake sale to hire a detective to follow him around, find his weaknesses." Steve spits out a small sliver of thumbnail. "Turns out he's scared of severed body parts. So..." He gestures behind him towards Head.

"We'd pay you for your contribution to Freedom! Really we would!" Bermuda wipes away some of the drool from the corner of his mouth. "But we spent all of it on that detective..."

"You understand, I'm sure." Steve stares hard at Howie. "You do want real freedom, don't you?"

Howie tries to sneak past them, but Steve grabs hold of her. "Put it in the box, Bermuda," he says. She strugles, but Steve is too strong. Bermuda carefully places Head in the box and seals it tight with packing tape.

"Let go!" yells Howie. Steve does what she asks, but then they turn and walk away.

"Man... freedom is going to be so great," says Bermuda.

"You said it, buddy," sighs Steve. "You said it."

Howie follows close behind. She doesn't want freedom without her best friend in the whole world. Head would nod emphatically if he hadn't been kidnapped.

(to be continued...)

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