Thursday, December 16

Howie the little girl and the Giant Robot stand motionless for a long time in an extended stare-off.

"Are you going to eat me?' asks Howie.

"Nope," replies the Giant Robot as it chomps its teeth viciously.

They stare at each other for another long time. Howie wonders what other horrible things this Giant Robot could do other than eat her.

"Are you maybe going to just chomp me a little and then spit me back out?" aks Howie. "And I'll be all chomped and dead when you spit me out?"

"Nope," replies the Giant Robot as it's maliciously red glowing eyes stare down at her. "I am a Nice Robot and won't do anything to hurt you."

"Well," replies Howie. "That's good." She looks around the cave and sees how dark and lonely it must be for a friendly robot like this one. "You must be lonely."

"Nope," replies the Giant Robot. "I'm actually quite busy and have no time or energy to be lonely."

And all of a sudden the giant claws come down and snatch up the little girl and carry her away.

She finds herself in the mayor's office, a large square room with a big window and a big desk and behind the big desk, but in front of the window, is a large leather chair turned away from her. On the big desk is the package containing her best friend in the whole world, her pet old man head.

She runs to grab the package, but the chair swings around and Bermuda and Steve are sitting in the chair and they put one of their big blue hands on the box so she can't take it.

"Leave it alone!," shouts Steve. "The plan's not done yet."

Howie is confused. So let's just end this quick now.


Bermuda and Steve were elected mayor this past year, all as a part of their dismantling the government plan. So they stole Howie's pet old man head and sent it to themselves to give them a reason to step down from office and free the people of the town from unjust rule, which they believe is any sort of rule. It all makes so much sense! But Howie doesn't like her best friend to be used for political means, so she snatches the head off the desk and makes a run for it. Big exciting chase scene where everyone learns how to be friends in the end.

You are satisfied with this ending, and the storyline as a whole.

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