Saturday, December 25

Happy Jigglin' Clown Day Everyone!

Me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head are having a great time today. We left out the cigars and pornographic magazines for the Great Jiggler, and he filled our clown shoes with tons of chewed gum and cabbage. What a great guy that Jigglin' Clown.

And now we're going to drink a lot of beer, eat Frito's brand corn chips, and watch more TV than we feel like watching, becasue that's what the Jigglin' Clown would want if he were here, instead of in his island cave drinking beer, eating Frito's, and watching TV.

I hope everyone has a great holiday. It'll be days before we're done. We've bought enough beer and Frito's to not have to get off the couch (except to lean over and do our business in the big business bucket next to the couch) for a long time. Maybe until Wednesday or Thursday.

So we'll see you kids later. Have fun.

You can hear all the people say,
'When is that Jigglin' Day,
When we can be so happy and bright?'
That Clown, what a hoot, can't wait for the loot
That he'll leave in our hung clown shoes.
So on December twenty-five,
the Clown will arrive,
And go through his clownin' routine.
He jimmies the door,
And raids the fridge,
And scares the Hell
Out of all the kids.

From the poem "Le Jiggler," by Andre Paraguassu

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