Monday, May 3

The show's been over for hours and I can't wash the stench off. I'm sittting in the bathtub scrubbing and scrubbing with one of those real sponge sort of sponges. With Ajax. My skin hurts.

Whatever Mr. Happy Puppet Head had been planning for his Magic Bucket will never come to fruition. Unless he makes another Magic Bucket, which I'll have to veto. He never did tell me what it was for, but at this point I don't really care.

In short, there was a scuffle, involving Bermuda and Steve (the two-headed naked monster with the enormous genitalia we considered for Mr. Happy Puppet Head's replacement a little while back). they were angry about something, but I don't know what. They were both yelling so loudly at the same time, and it all happened so fast. They came in, knocked over my ventriliquist guest, yelled for a bit, spilled the foul bucket all over me, and ran away. I'm considering gettting a restraining order against them, just like they do in movies and tv. Strange kids, that Bermuda and Steve.

And Mr. Happy Puppet Head is pissed. He had to improvise a scene, and it was awful. He just kept repeating the line "The milk comes from the nipple" and hummming some sort of tuneless thing. But you can't blame him, really. Apparently his Magic Bucket act was going to be something really great. Poor Mr. Happy Puppet Head.

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